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Profits And Safety
During Global Chaos

Dear Fellow Investor,

The world's greatest geopolitical, economic and investing experts are gathering to lead you to profits and safety during the dangerous days ahead.

There has never been an investing environment presenting greater risks or opportunities.

With the most important national elections in our lifetimes rapidly approaching, America will turn either to the left or right, toward greater or lower national debt, toward more or less government.

And the problems will remain severe no matter what the outcome, as the entire Western world struggles to recover from decades of over-spending.

Experienced investors know some special investment sectors perform well even in the most troubled economy, not only protecting wealth, but building it during the turmoil.

"...The greatest investment show on earth."
Money Magazine

Fortunately, we’ve assembled a dream team of world-class experts who are ready, willing, and more than able help you do just that — at the 2012 New Orleans Investment Conference.

October 24-27, 2012

As the oldest, most respected and most profitable investment gathering in the world, the New Orleans Investment Conference has led thousands of investors to rich profits through thick and thin.

Money Magazine called the New Orleans Conference "The greatest investment show on earth,” and it's easy to see why:

  • For nearly 40 years, investors have attended to get answers on how to protect and grow their wealth.
  • This event has attracted dozens of the most celebrated figures in modern history, including Lady Margaret Thatcher, Alan Greenspan, Milton Friedman, Barry Goldwater, Ron Paul, Ayn Rand, Steve Forbes, Henry Kissinger and many more.
  • We've also established a well-earned reputation of inviting only the most successful and deadly-accurate analysts — many of whom save their best recommendations to unveil on our stage.
  • And we've brought together the most sophisticated and successful individual investors — mavericks who don't follow the herd, but rather search for valuable, unhedged and unbiased information.

Previous attendees will attest that the New Orleans Conference has never failed to deliver stock picks that double...triple...even quadruple in value during the weeks and months following the event.

The Event You
Can't Afford to Miss

Due to the unprecedented risks and opportunities presented by today's volatile markets and the upcoming U.S. elections, we've assembled a true dream team of experts to speak at this year's Conference.

"The Super Bowl of
investment advisors."
Chicago Sun Times

The agenda is super-charged with legendary experts, powerful presentations and exciting events you'll talk about — and profit from — for years to come.

Gov. Sarah Palin: America's most inspiring conservative

From small-town mayor to governor of Alaska to vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin's remarkable story of achievement has inspired millions of Americans. Her unswerving support of personal liberty and family values has earned her a loyal following and made her one of the most influential figures on the political scene.

In New Orleans, Gov. Palin will participate in our Summit on America's Future panel with Charles Krauthammer and Rick Santelli, and give a rousing closing address. In the process, she will reveal the dire stakes in this year's national election, and what you can do to prepare regardless of the outcome.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer: Today's most influential commentator

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Dr. Krauthammer has influenced American policy for more than three decades. His intellect and opinions have earned him the respect of both the left and the right, and his reasoned arguments serve as one of the most effective weapons against Washington's socialization of our society.

At New Orleans 2012, Dr. Krauthammer will expose the truth behind the headlines — and Washington's plans for your wealth and freedom!

Rick Santelli: The man who launched the Tea Party

Mr. Santelli's now-legendary rant on CNBC broke the dam restraining the frustrations of millions of Americans, and launched the most compelling political movement in decades.

The ultimate influence of the Tea Party will be seen in the November elections, and Rick will be in New Orleans just days before to tell us what the economic and investing repercussions will be...and where you can find safety and profits.

Dr. Marc Faber: Deadly accurate forecasts!

An icon in the world of investments for 30 years, Dr. Faber's contrarian (and often controversial) views have earned him the nickname "Dr. Doom." But even his harshest critics are forced to acknowledge the unerring accuracy of his forecasts.

At New Orleans 2012, Dr. Faber will reveal the truth about global inflation and the commodities boom. Including which commodities will benefit — and which won't!

Peter Schiff: Legendary Wall Street Prognosticator!

Award-winning, best-selling author Peter Schiff is known far and wide for the razor-sharp accuracy of his predictions on the stock market, commodities, gold and the dollar.

And at New Orleans 2012, Mr. Schiff will reveal why today's environment is like the 1970s on steroids — and how you can invest for both fun and profit during the coming runaway global inflation!

These are just a few of the
world-class experts
you'll meet at New Orleans 2012...

At New Orleans 2012, you'll have access to dozens of today's most recognized authorities across all asset classes. And get their unbiased, no-holds-barred insights and recommendations.

Our star-studded lineup includes:

Doug Casey...Rick Rule...Bob Prechter...Brent Cook...Adrian Day...Lawrence Roulston...and Mark Skousen.

Plus: Steven Hochberg...Frank Holmes...Ian McAvity...Mary Anne and Pamela Aden...Gene Arensberg...Scott Gibson...Keith Schaefer...Robert H. Meier...Bill Murphy...Chris Powell...and many more.

You'll get their hottest tips, strategies and predictions. You'll hear first-hand their views on which markets to avoid, and which offer the richest rewards — and how to position yourself to make sure you collect them.

"The most bang for your buck. I attend lots of great conferences, but this is my favorite."
— Robert Tyburski

Plus, you can stroll through a veritable bazaar filled with dozens of high-potential companies in our exhibit hall. Every year, some of the biggest winners in the precious metals and resource sector are found here before they take off.

Thousands of investors will attest to the money-multiplying power of the New Orleans Investment Conference.

Another Sellout Imminent:
Reserve your spot at New Orleans 2012 today

While I'd like nothing more than to personally welcome every investor in America to New Orleans 2012, the truth is most will never have the opportunity to join us.

You see, the Conference has sold out quickly in recent years.

And considering the state of today's global markets...the record-breaking surges we've seen in gold and other commodities...and the world-renowned speakers and special events we have planned...

...I fully expect this year's Conference to be another sellout event.

So if you don't act now — and reserve your spot today — the stark truth is you may never get another chance to join us.

But that's not the only reason to move quickly....

You'll Quadruple Your Investment!

This opportunity is so important...and I'm so confident that the New Orleans Conference will pay for itself many times over...that I'll offer you this ironclad guarantee:

If you attend New Orleans 2012 and don't make back at least four times the money you paid to register — in six months or less — just let me know.

I'll happily give you a prompt, hassle-free refund on your entire registration fee. Every penny.

You can't lose!

Correction: You can lose...if you don't act immediately to secure your place at New Orleans 2012.

Consider this: I've offered this quadruple-your-money guarantee for the past two years. And I've never had a single attendee ask for their money back!

But here's the problem: Our registration fee is about to increase, and a complete sell out could happen at any time.

I can't imagine a safer profit opportunity, with greater upside. But you'll have to act now to secure it.

Join us at what may be the
most profitable event in decades

Given the current state of national and global economies, New Orleans 2012 could turn out to be the most profitable investment event in decades — perhaps in the entire 38-year history of the Conference.

With Washington's ongoing, relentless war on your wealth — and your liberties — the information our speakers deliver should pay for itself many times over.

But none of this can help you or your family if you don't attend.

All you have to do is register now, while space is still available. And doing so couldn't be easier.

Looking forward to seeing you here in New Orleans!

Brien F. Lundin
President and CEO
New Orleans Investment Conference

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