40 Years As The Investor's Best Friend

Safe Profits
During Dangerous Days Ahead

As nations flood the world with debt and currency,
investors can find rich profits and iron-clad safety...

...Or watch their wealth erode away.


For four decades, there's been only one sure thing in investing: The New Orleans Investment Conference.

Thousands of investors will testify that the New Orleans Conference is the single best place to learn how to protect and build your wealth during uncertain markets.

Today's investing environment — as governments attempt to float their economies into recovery on oceans of new currency — is undoubtedly one of the riskiest and potentially profitable periods in history.

Inflationary consequences are inevitable, and investors who sit idly by will watch their hard-earned wealth relentlessly eaten away.

But those who prepare — who use the powerful strategies and investments that the New Orleans Conference has unfailingly provided during times such as this — will enjoy the greatest financial opportunities of their lifetimes.

And that's why we're building another value-packed agenda for New Orleans 2014 — our blockbuster 40th Anniversary event — with dozens of the world’s top experts to address every one of the crucial problems, risks and opportunities facing investors today.

In addition to all of our most popular newsletter editors and sector analysts, New Orleans 2014 will feature legendary Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan in an intimate question-and-answer session with our attendees...

...Plus a lively panel discussion on gold, money, the economy and the role of the Fed with famed hedge fund manager Kyle Bass and other experts.

And our agenda will continue to build all year long, as many of the world’s most celebrated authorities in geopolitics, economics and investments sign up to present at our gala 40th Anniversary event!

It's Not Too Late To Profit
From New Orleans 2013

Nothing beats attending the New Orleans Investment Conference in person. But now you can revisit many of our most fascinating presentations...and share the views of our most celebrated speakers with friends and family...through our exclusive audio and video collections.

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Save The Date:
October 22-25, 2014
Hilton New Orleans Riverside